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With or without an exhaust look to us for:

  • Full dealer service

  • Engine diagnostics

  • MOT's £35

  • Rolling road pre and post modifications: £130

  • Major engine modifications: call and ask for Dave or Simon

  • Tires, brakes, batteries and shocks and competitive prices

  • Major engine or transmission work

  • Oil changes and vehicle maintenance

Stainless Exhausts

  • Exhaust systems from the cat back (£259 and up)

  • Back boxes (£145 and up)

  • Centre sections/silencers

  • Flexi Pipes

  • Downpipes

  • Side pipes

  • Motorcyle exhausts

  • Van exhausts 

  • Taxi exhausts

  • Lorry exhausts


STAINLESS STEEL: We use only 304 grade stainless steel for our silencers and tubes which is the best stainless steel one can buy. This allows us to confidently offer a lifetime guarantee. Our competitors often offer 406 grade stainless steel which will rust over time (though not the way mild steel rusts).


HARD TO FIND SILENCERS: When a manufacturer no longer supports your car with exhaust parts Longlife can always take care of your needs because we make the silencers to order here in our Thornbury Centre. We bend the stainless steel tube to fit exactly to your car and make the brackets as well for a perfect fit.


WELDED SILENCERS: We weld all of our silencers seams where many mail order stainless steel silencers are crimped or spun which can make for the seams coming apart over time. This is another reason we can confidently offer a lifetime guarantee.

SYSTEM (SOUND) NOTE. We are able to offer you four levels of sound because we make and fit all our exhaust systems on site.


We offer the following system notes:

  • Standard: similar to your car’s existing sound

  • Mild Sport: a little throatier sound noted especially when you accelerate

  • Mid Sport: a full throaty sound that you can hear at idle and especially obvious during acceleration

  • Full Sport: noticeable at all times and possibly objectionable on long, motorway trips and to a finicky MOT inspector.



  • We have a huge selection of tailipes, we offer a 2"-3" rolled in or rolled out round tailipe free in the price of any system. Feel free to have a look at the hundreds of tailipes we have to offer by clicking HERE

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